Our fund

Fund for Scholarships

WSO scholarships are funded by our various fund-raising activities as well as donations from individuals and corporations.

Process of providing scholarships

  • WSO has partnership with two not-for-profit organizations who provide assistance to street children and children of the poorest families in Bangladesh. They recommend us scholarship candidates who have completed compulsory education and wish to attend vocational training schools.
  • We examine the details of each candidate before approval is given to provide a scholarship to him/her. The approved students’ information such as the amount of scholarships, the courses they attend and their background is posted on our website.
  • The fund for scholarships are transferred to the respective partner organizations.
  • The partner organizations pay tuitions to the schools where the recipients of scholarships attend and give the living expenses to them if they live independently or to their families once a month. They also ask the recipients to sign receipts of the scholarships and send them back to WSO.
  • The recipients send us a report on their academic results, teachers’ comments, their lives and their messages every two to four months while they are studying under our scholarships.
  • WSO receives donations through the following ways. Individuals or organizations can either directly transfer into WSO’s bank account in Australia or donate through PayPal.