Our Fund


We run on funds from individuals and corporations’ donations

How we spend your money

  • WSO is a charity organization which takes care of underprivileged street children and orphan children by providing scholarship to teenagers who have finished compulsory education and have the skills and strong will continue on learning technical skills.
  • After applicants have been assessed and are regarded as eligible for the scholarship. WSO uploads the necessary details of the applicants (such as their aims, schools and subjects they will be studying, or their backgrounds etc.) to WSO’s website.
  • When the amount of scholarship needed met the amount of donations WSO received, WSO sends donations to recommend NPO Organizations.
  • WSO requests written documents from the NPO organization, certifying that applicants had received the donation.
  • Receiver of the scholarship must report every 2~4months (differs according to country) since they received the scholarship till the end of their studies, regarding their grades, comments from teachers, their situations or their own messages through email or mail.
  • WSO receives donations through the following ways. Individuals or organizations can either directly transfer into WSO’s bank account in Australia or donate through PayPal.