About WSO


Essentially, the goal of the World Scholarship Organisation is to ‘eliminate world poverty’. As such, through a crowd financing/funding plan, we have formulated a scholarship system to allow underprivileged individuals who have finished compulsory education to be able to advance into occupation training school.


One of our methods is to make use of the internet, arguably the most influential construct for individuals in the present decade; where the web will act as a medium of appeal for donations/contributions from individuals and companies all around the world, delivering great efficiency.


I have established the headquarters in Sydney, Australia, my place of residence for approximately the past 30 years. Starting with Bangladesh, then Cambodia, Burma, and with the support of my faithful partners, I hope to support underprivileged children* worldwide through a scholarship system with an area of focus on occupation training education.


*Note: At the initial stages of establishing WSO, the main targets will be street children and underprivileged children from farming households.


Furthermore, whilst being on the track of work relating to social contribution, further scholarship systems for other underprivileged individuals, as well as support systems are in consideration to be put in place.