Notice of postponement of WCF2020

It is with much regret and sadness to advise you that we have had to decide to postpone WSO Charity Festa scheduled on Sunday 22nd March. 2020.

Despite the ongoing spread of COVID-19 spread, we have been working very hard with our preparation of the event.

However, the news of Willoughby Girls High School’s closure has changed the circumstances completely. Given that quite a few participating children attend WGHS, many parents have expressed their grave concern about the safety of having their children taking part in such a large gathering. Even though we know that you Rikishi are far stronger than COVID-19, we have to ensure that the safety of all our performers should not be risked.

WSO Charity Festa hasn’t been cancelled but only postponed until the COVID-19 pandemic is contained. We can’t disappoint so many children who have been practicing Sumo very hard to challenge you! And needless to say, we can’t let down our students in Bangladesh and Kenya who depend on our scholarships. When we decide on a new date of the event, we will have to ask you for your support and cooperation once again.

Meanwhile, we pray for the safety and good health of you and family. Thanking you for your congoing support to our cause once again,

Masahito Yamaguchi President WSO