Letter from Kenya

Greetings from Kenya to all the Directors of WSO.

It’s my pleasure to inform you that all the students being sponsored here in Kenya are doing fine, despite the challenges of the Corona Virus Pandemic.
Since the first case of Corona was announced here in Kenya on 15th. March. 2020, the government announced some measures that were aimed at reducing the spread of the disease.
These measures included but not limited to: closure of all schools/colleges, cessation of movement in and out of four major counties hit by the virus (Nairobi, Mombasa, Mandera and Siaya).
Due to these measures, all the Three students are currently at home and doing fine.
No any major problem reported as per my checkup calls on their situation.

 Ms. Ednar Nyabuto

– comes from Kisii county in Western part of Kenya.

Currently schooling in St. Camillus School of Nursing- Tabaka, situated in Kisii county. She is doing her final year and scheduled for exams in April. 2020 just before the disease outbreak. We are constantly in touch with her and she is fairly okay, though she lost her grandmother in April. She was too much attached to her since she brought her up as a mother when she lost her biological mother at three years old. The Corona Virus has resulted to much problems at home since her Father was relying on casuals works which are no longer present due to limitation of movement. Otherwise, she is still pushing on well and anticipating the reopening of the college in order to accomplish her course.

 Ms.Marceline Ongeyi

 - Comes from Siaya county in Lakeside western part of Kenya.

Currently in St. Camillus School of Nursing-Tabaka. She is in her final year of Nursing and scheduled for final exam in September 2020, though the program has been interfered with by the Corona Virus outbreak. She is currently at home assisting the family in domestic cues since the county has restriction of the movement of people. I spoke to her a week ago and she is doing quite well. She is optimistic that things will be good and normalize soon.

 Mr. Joseph Mburu

- Comes from Kiambu county in Central part of Kenya, close to Nairobi county.

He began his studies in Community Health and Development/ HIV management in September 2019 from Thika School of Health Sciences. He has already finished his first semester and was on his second semester before the disease outbreak begun. However, he was awaiting the results of the first semester in March.2020 just before the colleges were closed indefinitely. Currently he is at home, which is nearby my Health center and he comes quite often to visit and assist in the health facility as a volunteer. Otherwise he is doing fine and very much appreciative for the support the WSO gave him which has enabled him to join a higher institution.

On behalf of all the WSO beneficiaries, I would like to sincerely thank all the directors of this organization for the great work they have been doing to assist these neediest young people who are enthusiastic to serve others in different capacities. You have also impacted in them a heart of humanitarianism in their lives as they will be interacting with the world. Once again, receive much appreciations and Regards. God bless.

By Br. Joseph Khiyaniri (MI)

– Administrator, St. Camillus Health Center. Nairobi. Kenya