Activity report 2020

Mar-Dec DVD・USB販売 $460
9thMar Japanese snack sales $30
Aug- PC project - refurbished PC sales and PC repair $3010
27thAug- Japanese sweets sales at Tamagoya Sydney twice a month $490
Dec Ohagi sales at Sydney Ballet school and Cheer leading team Springs $135
Nov-Dec Family photo session - took family photos by a professional in the same day and place to save money Income $1110, expense $470, surplus $630
Donation Feb-Oct Tomoko Yano, Asami Gough, Germaine Ross, Chifuko Murata $600
AAMI insurance   expense $117

Support young students (Scholarship fee)

14th Feb $2848.19 to Bangladeshi

24thFeb $3417.83 to Angel association