Every dollar you donate, minus international bank transfer fees, reaches our students and will significantly impact their lives.

Please donate via EFT.
A/C Name: World Scholarship Organization Incorporated
BSB: 032-006
A/C No.: 590343
Please include your name as a reference.

The ATO doesn’t endorse charities operating scholarship programs overseas with a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot provide tax-deductible receipts. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Messages from Donors

“We are grateful to be regular donors to the WSO foundation. We know that our donation will allow promising generations of students to thrive for themselves and their communities. Education is the most transformative way to change the world. Congratulations to the WSO team of volunteers for their continuous efforts.”
Helene Do & Patrick Lebourdais

I have always taken an interest in the education of disadvantaged children and will be happy to make a donation. Good on you for working to help these children.
Richard Hansford

Congratulations on a wonderful and worthwhile project in Bangladesh.
Education is the key to alleviating poverty.
Stephen and I are proud to help in this great endeavor.
Stephen and Anna Marks OAM

It seems a very good cause.
Paul Sweeney

I donated to WSO on the understanding that you operate on the minimum overheads, and my money will go straight to the students. After working with your members as a volunteer, I am convinced yours is a worthy cause.
An anonymous donor

The more you share your love and knowledge, the richer and happier you get.
An anonymous donor

No matter how the bigger world is running a downhill course, we need these angels. Even a spark can dispel darkness. Let’s shine by all means.
Dr Amy Chan & Dr Oliver Chiu

You have been doing meaningful work to support those young people to get a good education. I will continue to support WSO in the future.
Jenny Chen

What wonderful work you are achieving to enable the beautiful young people to gain a place at university!
Anonymous donor

When I first heard about your organization, I thought of the vast number of young people in the world still deprived of opportunities to learn and develop skills, and felt a deep connection to your cause and a strong desire to support it.
You have the vision and courage to address the real problem by providing young people in marginalised areas with resources for education so they become employment-ready, serving the community and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.
Angels don’t necessarily have wings, but they all have big hearts of gold, as your volunteers and Angel-sans have shown.
Have your Angel-sans not soared above their circumstances to new heights?
Thank you for all that you did, have done, and will continue to do.
An anonymous donor