About WSO

Our Guiding Principles

I would like to explain three characteristics of the activities of the World Scholarship Organization.

1. Free Scholarships for Vocational Training

Underprivileged children living in poor countries do not fully understand how they can escape poverty and lead a happy life.

There are children who have completed compulsory education in each country and have excellent grades, but cannot go on to higher education for financial reasons (mostly street children aged 5 to 15 and children without families). WSO establishes a system for those children to receive scholarships to go to vocational training schools.

Then, we propose a vision for them to acquire the skills suitable for each individual and become independent and self-supporting as a member of society, and support their realisation.


2. Minimum Administration expenses


It is said that about 30% to 50% of the donations collected by many social contribution organisations go to management and operating expenses. For example, the average administration fee in Australia is said to be around 45%.

For example, even if there is a donation of $10,000, the reality is that $3,000 to $5,000 is used as expenses that are not directly linked to support. A lot of costs are necessary to maintain the organisation as a social contribution business organisation.

We aim at keeping our administration expenses at less than 15% of the total fund raised so that as much fund could be used for scholarships as possible.


3. Long- Term Vision

The reality of poverty reduction is that the operation of aid agencies is short-lived, due to a difficult of receiving funds in the long-term. As such, it becomes near-impossible to provide long-term educational and training support for those living in extreme poverty. We aim to construct a system alleviating poverty for 10, even 20 years ahead.


About WSO

  • As the highest resolution body of the organization, the Board of Directors has all the power to make decisions.
  • The board of directors is 6 people.
  • The Board of Directors consists of one president, one vice president, one treasurer and 3 directors.
  • In order to conduct WSO activities efficiently, we have excellent directors in each specialized field.
  • The Board of Directors meets once a year to determine important matters and approve financial reports. Directors are unpaid, but expenses required for activities are paid.

Board Members

President Masahito Yamaguchi
Vice President Emiko Yamaguchi
Treasurer Seine Abe-Weatherhead
Director Ken Katagiri
Director Masahiro Tada
Director Michie Spain


  • Jun 2013 Founded
  • Jan 2014 Applied for NPO in Australia
  • Jun 2014 Established website
  • May 2014 Held meeting of the WSO General Assembly
  • Aug 2014 Hosted first initial fundraising event