Our Partners

We could not operate successful scholarship programs overseas without our in-country partners, whom we can trust and share the same values. We are grateful to our fantastic partners.

1. Our partner in Japan – The International Angel Association(https://www.angel-ngo.gr.jp/)

The International Angel Association was established in 1982 in Hyogo, Japan, by Mrs Yuriko Kawamura, who wished to return the love and support given to her daughter, Naoko, born with cerebral palsy, to more needy people in developing countries. Their mission is to spread “love over the world”.

Mrs Yuriko Kawamura, the founder, the International Angle Association
Mrs Mariko Higashimura, the president, the International Angel Association
A message from Mrs. Mariko Higashimura. "The International Angel Association was founded by my mother, Yuriko Kawamura, in Hyogo in 1982. In 1985, we expanded our activities overseas and opened an orphanage in Bangladesh to give opportunities for education to well-motivated orphans and children from impoverished families. Since we first met Mr Yamaguchi in 2014, WSO has awarded scholarships to our children. Many have got jobs in their chosen areas and started new lives. We have many more children needing your help. Thank you very much for your continued support."

2. Our partner in Bangladesh

In 1986, the International Angel Association, Bangladesh was established in Dhaka,Bangladesh to operate an orphanage, “Angel Home”, Yuriko Angel School, Angel MedicalClinic, TTC (Trade Training Course) and Literacy School for Rural Women. WSO has provided scholarships to the students from Angel Home/Yuriko Angel School since 2015.

YURIKO Angel School
Angel Home
Angel Medical Clinic

A message from Mr Bari, Executive Director, the International Angel Association, Bangladesh
Hello, my name is Azizul Bari. I studied at Kobe University and have been working for the International Angel Association, Bangladesh since it was established in 1986. We have 60 orphans now at Angel Home, and 204 children have graduated from here. We focus on education and run Yuriko Angel School and Trade Training Course.
WSO has been giving great opportunities for education to 17 of our underprivileged children, 9 of whom have already graduated and are working in various areas in society. We are grateful for your continuous support. You are welcome to visit our students. We are waiting for you. Thank you.

3. Our partner in Kenya

Br. Joseph has been our representative in Kenya since 2017. He recommends applicants facing financial difficulties for our scholarships and liaises with them and their colleges/universities.


Br. Joseph Khiyaniri, Head Clinician & Administrator, St. Camillus Health Centre, Kenya