World Scholarship Organization (WSO)

It is a non-profit organization (NPO) that supports young people in poor countries who are eager to continue their education.

WSO was launched in 2014 by a Japanese community living near Sydney, Australia and is now in its sixth year of activity in 2019.

The main activities of WSO are to recruit small loans from individuals and companies,

and to provide the money collected by fundraising as their scholarships.

Scholarship funds

We offer scholarships for vocational training to underprivileged street children in poor countries and children who do not have children or families.

Low Admin Expenses

We cut off the administrative expenses to 15% of the fundraising with a great support of the volunteers and offer scholarships as much as we can.

Management focusing on ‘continuation’

We aim to construct a system alleviating poverty for 10, even 20 years ahead.

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Introducing the overview of Bangladesh.


Introducing the overview of Kenya.


Bank transfers or Paypal are available for the donation.


Please contact us for the inquiries.