WSO Charity Festa 2021

The World Scholarship Organisation (WSO) is a charitable organisation that provides free scholarships for vocational training to underprivileged students in Bangladesh and Kenya. As one of our activities, we are organising WSO Charity Festa 2021. The proceeds will be donated to scholarships for underprivileged students.

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Exhibition Summary

  • Content: Stage parformance, Flea market, stall
  • Daytime: 30 May 2021 (Sun) 10:00 - 17:00
  • Location: Crowsnest Centre 
  • Address:2 Ernest Pl, Crows Nest NSW 2065
  • Note: 15min walk from St.Leonads station or Bus 114,144,200,254,267,291, Free parking biside the venue

Event details

※Please note that the content of this event is subject to change without notice.


  • Sydney City Ballet School
  • Helwa Belly Dance
  • Break塾
  • Twisting Tornadoes
  • Ukulele Community Band
  • Sydney Sakura Choir
  • Sydney Cheerleading SPRINGS
  • Shinkyokushinkai
  • Flower Angels
  • Sydney SAKURAKIDS Cheerleaders

Outdoor stage

  • JJBA Sydney 他


  • Goldfish scooping, Sound Healing with Singing Ring®, Face painting


  • Sweets, Fairy floss, Daifuku, Bento box, Inari sushi, Drinks
  • Baby and kids item Flea market


Inquires for Volunteers
Kaori :mpmap9715@gmail.comまで

Inquires for Flea market
Ayu :aigarash329@gmail.comまで

Inquires for the event
Yamaguchi :yamaguchiwso@gmail.comまで



For more information on how to donate, please refer to this page.