WSO Charity Festa 2022

The WSO Charity Festa 2022 held at Crows Nest Centre was a great success with about 1000 participants.
The collected donation is $8,300 and can support five Bangladeshi and Kenyan students for one year.
This year, 15 groups gave performances, and 18 groups of flea market participants and those who visited stalls selling cotton candy and sweets enjoyed themselves.

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Helwa bellydance performance
Sydney Kimono Enjoy Club Show
Sydney Kids Cheerleading Sakura
Holding a flea market
World Karatedo Federation Shinkyokushinkai Performance

Exhibition Summary

  • Content: Stage parformance, Flea market, stall
  • Time & Date: 8th May 2022 Sunday 10:00am - 17:30pm
  • Location: Crowsnest Centre 
  • Address:2 Ernest Pl, Crows Nest NSW 2065
  • Note: 15min walk from St.Leonads station or Bus 114,144,200,254,267,291, Free parking biside the venue

Participating group

  • Sydney City Ballet School
  • Helwa Belly Dance
  • Break塾
  • Twisting Tornadoes
  • Ukulele Community Band
  • Sydney Sakura Choir
  • Sydney Cheerleading SPRINGS
  • Shinkyokushinkai
  • Flower Angels
  • Sydney SAKURAKIDS Cheerleaders
  • BREAK coaching school
  • Okinawa Eisa Champloo
  • Wadaiko Rindo
  • Suishinkan Kendo Hall
  • Sydney Kimono Enjoy Club


  • Face painting
  • origami


  • Sweets, Fairy floss, Daifuku, Bento box, Inari sushi, Drinks
  • flea market of Miscellaneous goods, Japanese tableware, baby and children's goods


Inquires for Volunteers

Inquires for Flea market

Inquires for the event


Donations can be made at any time by bank transfer.

Please refer to this page for how to donate.

Donation page